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Welcome to the Bearwood College Student Union Website

This website is the point of reunion for historical students of Bearwood College. If you have been a student of Bearwood College, here you will find resources to get in contact with your former classmates and teachers. 

Some things are always good to remember

College is in many cases the best time in our lives. We start dreaming about the future and pursuing our dreams, and we meet people who will be important for un in our lives. Long lasting friendships, unbreakable brotherhoods and deep romantic love are often found in college. We as former students of the Bearwood College believe that the bonds created in college should be cherished forever. For that reason, we have created this website, to help other former students of the Bearwood College to come in contact with one another, share life experiences and activities, and stay in touch even decades after they have left the University.

Our intent is to help rescue and strenghten relationships and bonds with former classmates and friends found during our college years. We provide a platform for all of us to interact, meet personally and share activities and memorials to honour the times that we shared in our youth.

Get back in touch

This is the website where you will find former classmates, juniors and senionrs from the very beginning of the history of Bearwood College. If you have lost contact and you would like to get back in touch, this is the platform where you can start your search. Also, provide information on yourself so other former students looking for you can find you more easily. We build this site together as a union, so all contributions will be highly estimated.

Join activities and meetings

The members of the community organize activities and events for former students to gather in the area of the Bearwood College. In this website, you can find information on upcoming events, as well as all the tools and resources that you need to organize your own reunion. Be sure to check our list of upcoming events so you won't miss any meeting. You can also use this platform to share memories like photographs and open letters written by of for members of the community.

The Union periodically organizes meetings at Bearwood College, where all former students are invited. You can learn about these meetings in this website. Also, we encourage the members of the Union to make proposals for activities and even offer their own resources and locations for meetings and events. Creativity and originality are always welcomed to create fond memories with former classmates and other people with whom you have shared such an important time of your life. 

Feel free to contact us to request help or information so you can engage or even organize activities for former students of the Bearwood College. We have an e-mail address, or you can send us a message using the contact form on the bottom of this page.

If you want to see our upcoming events and participate, make sure to contact us and request membership for our site. The information and contact details of all our members is private and protected, so you must contact us to get access. Send us a message stating who you are and requesting access. We will get back to you and send you a login link to create your user profile.

Upcoming Events

New Opertunities For International Business With Language Learning

New Opertunities For International Business With Language Learning


It is always good to go back to happy times.

Bearwood College Union, 43-44 High St, Stockton-on-tees, Cleveland, TS18 1SD.

You can also contact us by phone 01632 960278, or you can send us a message here: